About Us

How did Hatch, hatch?

Skyline Hatch was born in 2020 when we were in the height of pandemic mayhem in Victoria and the education system was turned on its head.

While we started as a tutoring offering, the more that we got to know VCE students and the reality they were dealing with we knew we could do more to serve the VCE student in a way that suited them in a post-pandemic world!

Small group tutoring programs were a dime a dozen, and we could see that it wasn’t quite hitting the mark to meet the demands of the new VCE Student. 

  • The same time every week always clashed with netball training.
  • The tutor was awesome but our School was covering differing content. 
  • Real life commitments became a real thing again from 2022.


A lot of students were flat out managing their energy and were too tired straight after school or in the evening to apply themselves to their studies in the way they wanted to.  

The way they knew they could if they didn’t want to defrag by scrolling for a bit (or a lot), or having a nap.


All these reasons made it easier for Students not to go, and easier for Students to say that they will play catch up and watch the recordings…but even if they did get around to watching, the recordings were of someone else getting tutored about content and questions they had.  

We knew something that to change for the 2023 VCE Student and now we have the perfect thing!

Are you on staff at a Victorian High School?

We would love to speak with you about how we can help this year’s cohort of VCE Students to access VCE support both IN the classroom, and beyond the classroom.

We are so grateful for the generosity of our Hatch Supporters