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Contact Us

We welcome you to connect with us whether you are a part of our community or keen to find out more about joining Skyline Hatch!

Are you interested in Skyline Hatch offerings for your VCE Cohort? Reach out to our General Manager: [email protected]

Are you already a part of the Skyline Hatch community and have a question about an event or having a tech issue? Reach out to our team: [email protected]

Common questions

Head on over here to sign up.  If you are a VCE student in 2023 use the code ##### to receive x % off your membership for the year.

We aren’t a school so we won’t tell what to do, but we can tell you that our presenters are awesome and that the more you participate in Hatch the more impact it could have on your ATAR.  Recordings are made available in the LMS but showing up live always delivers something a little more special.

Yes, we have worked hard to develop the lessons that make up each of our courses.  We have made them available on sign up as we understanding that Schools do different SACs at different times.  This way it will work for you at any time of year.

Great question.  We heard this question a lot last year so would love to talk to you about how you can bring it your VCE Students.  Reach out to [email protected] to find out more.

If you have the iOs or android app you can download the content on wifi to watch later.  To join out events and to use the web platform internet access is required.