Chemistry 1/2 Weekly Tutoring 2022, Thursday NEW TIME 7:00pm

Ngan Trinh · February 3, 2022

Welcome to Skyline hatch Chemistry 1/2 weekly tutoring!

This course is designed to build upon your existing knowledge with weekly resources and teaching, focusing on expanding your knowledge of the Chemistry 1/2 curriculum and exploring answers to tricky questions in detail, with a focus on the VCAA study design and exam preparation. The course requires your participation in weekly group tutoring as well as your excitement for our termly practice exams and homework questions to demonstrate your improvement. We will move through intra- and intermolecular bonding, the properties of water, organic chemistry, and the essentials of stoichiometry.

You will have access to your class as well as weekly resources and recordings from previous classes through this platform. 

In addition to your group weekly session with one of our amazing tutors, you also get the opportunity to book a weekly one-on-one meeting with them to discuss any questions you might have privately.

Meet your tutor

Ngan Trinh

Ngan is a tutor for Chemistry, Math Methods and Specialist Mathematics. She graduated from Skyline Education Foundation Program as well as Westall Secondary College in 2020. With a goal of becoming a paediatrician, she is currently studying Bachelor of Science and Biomedical Science at Monash University. With this role in Skyline Hatch, she is passionate about sharing her VCE experiences so that she is able to assist students to be fully prepared for their final exams. 

Joshua Strauss check-ins

VCE Education Tutor

Josh is a rural Victorian student who graduated in 2018 with an ATAR of 99.85. He is currently studying his Bachelor of Medical Science / Doctor of Medicine at Monash University and has worked and volunteered with VCE students for the past two years. Josh hopes to work in fields involving mental health, and the health of rural and regional Australians, and is passionate about philosophy.

In this course, we will be following the outline of the VCAA study design, with particular focus on preparation for the exam

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