English 3/4 Weekly Tutoring – 2022 – Thursday 6:30pm

Asja · February 3, 2022

Welcome to Skyline Hatch English 3/4 Weekly Tutoring!

This course is designed to build on your existing knowledge and the content you go through at school as well as enhance your abilities and prepare you for the ultimate goal – acing your VCE exams!  The course requires your participation in weekly group tutoring as well as your excitement for our termly practice exams and homework questions to demonstrate your improvement.

You will have access to your class as well as weekly resources and recordings from previous classes through this platform. 

In addition to your group weekly session with one of our amazing tutors, you also get the opportunity to book a weekly one-on-one meeting with them to discuss any questions you might have privately. You can book a 20-minute check in session with me to receive one-on-one help, essay feedback and more!

Meet your Tutor

Holly Wu

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Holly is a student at The University of Melbourne, majoring in Computer Science. Despite the stark contrast between her tertiary studies and her role at Skyline Hatch, she is passionate about helping students realise their full potential and excel in English.
The skills learnt in English are invaluable to almost everything you do, regardless of your aspirations. It’s Holly’s goal to not only support and encourage students on their English studies, but also facilitate their engagement and appreciation of the big ideas explored in this subject!

Outside of academia, her hobbies include watching films, baking (not to brag, but I make some pretty mean cream puffs!), learning languages and reading comics. She really hopes to one day own a pet (preferably a ferret, but a puppy would be equally amazing).

VCE Education Tutor

Susan Malikoff Check-ins

Susan graduated from Warrnambool College in 2018 with an ATAR of 97.70 and was dux of her cohort in English, History Revolutions, Global Politics and French. She is now studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in History, at the University of Melbourne. A keen public speaker, Susan has been a state finalist in the 2018 VCAA Plain English Speaking Award and competed in various local competitions throughout her school years. As an English tutor for Skyline, Susan hopes to share her passion for English and the Humanities with students, not only to build the skills for obtaining high marks, but also to foster a love for learning itself.


English Resources

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