Follow Your Passion: The Series

Petual Benham · May 3, 2021

Hello and welcome to ‘Follow your Passion: The Series’

As you embark on this series and the course, it also seems like the perfect time to touch on and introduce the lessons that will be shared in the various episodes.

The purpose of this course is to unpack the concept of “following your passion”, through each speaker we are able to unpack what the phrase means as well as how does one actually put it into practice. Alongside this, the concept of “Flow” was is also touched on, which covers the science behind passion and how it influences us in regards to finding it.

Girmay’s and Ben’s stories are ones that show us that passion doesn’t need to be something that we know of immediately, but can be seen as something that can be sparked from within based on our surroundings.

INKBOY, Alana and Daniel explain through their stories that that if we do know our passion from the start, that we should have confidence in ourselves to pursue it regardless of what others’ expectations of us may be.

Finally Beck, Mabel and Andrew divulge into what it means to think you know your passion follow it, change your mind midway and start afresh. Their stories show us that passion isn’t always going to be a straight line and that it may not be easy to identify and find but that should not stop us from trying to find it and even go as far as trying to pursue it.

Furthermore, despite passion being something that can move and change over time, we shouldn’t be discouraged or afraid of this movement, as it only enhances our inner skillset as we move through different phases of our life. So the best thing to do is to EMBRACE IT!

After watching these different interviews, we hope you find both comfort and knowledge in understanding that passion is something incredibly fluid, we may not know it now but we will find it, one way or another; as cliché as it sounds the biggest lessons to take away are to never give up on our selves and that determination will get you anywhere.

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