VCE Further Maths 3/4 – Recursion & Financial SAC Masterclass, Thurs 15 Apr 5pm-7pm

Adrian Ferdinand · March 26, 2021

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This Masterclass is designed to prepare you for the Recursion and Financial Mathematics SAC and will cover modelling growth and decay using recursion and modelling reducing balance loans and annuities.

We will learn:
* The types of recurrence relations
* How to model linear growth and decay
* Rules for nth term in a sequence modelling linear growth or decay
* How to model geometric growth and decay
* Rules for nth term in a sequence modelling geometric growth or decay
* Nominal and effective interest rates
* Analysing reducing-balance loans with recurrence relations
* How to use the Financial solver
* Reducing balance loans and their applications
* Interest-only loans and their applications
* Annuities and their applications
* Perpetuities and their applications
* Annuity investments and their applications

Your Tutor:

My name is Adrian Ferdinand. I graduated from the Skyline Program and Keysborough Secondary College in 2011 and achieved an ATAR of 95.95 with a perfect score for Further Mathematics. I have been tutoring Further Mathematics for 10+ years and I’m extremely passionate about teaching and motivating students to achieve their full potential!

On behalf of Skyline Hatch, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you!

You can access the slides for the Recursion & Financial SAC Masterclass below:

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