Leah Davidson · February 16, 2021


Foundation Life Skills Program for Emotional Intelligence

Life’s Toolbox equips young people with evidence-based mindset strategies that develop their self-awareness, confidence and leadership. In this highly interactive and engaging program, we explore the fundamental principles of self-awareness and how to navigate life from a capacity to self-reflect. We explore the idea that there are ‘invisible forces’ at play in our minds that can both really support us and hold us back. Using fascinating research in contemporary neuroscience, we can gain awareness of these forces such that we can utilise the ones that support us, while limiting the impact of the ones that hold us back. 

The program is an interactive multi-media experience with videos, stories and demonstrations bringing to life empowering concepts that offer a new view of the world and how to navigate it. Participants leave with unprecedented access to personal growth and emotional intelligence.

6 x 1 hour sessions online or 1 Day workshop Face-to-face

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