Mathematical Methods 1/2 Weekly Tutoring 2022, Thursday 6:00pm

Riko Ngo · February 3, 2022

Welcome to Skyline Hatch Mathematical Methods 1/2 Weekly Tutoring!

Weekly Tutoring builds on your existing knowledge, and the content you go through at school, to enhance your abilities and prepare you for the ultimate goal – acing your VCE exams! 

This is a weekly SMALL GROUP tutoring session and requires your commitment to show up each week for you and your peers. When you bring your enthusiasm each week it brings the session to life and makes learning fun. We really do need you!

From time to time we give access to practice exams and homework questions so that you can show yourself how far you have come, and know what additional study you may need to do AND in what areas that study should take place.

Want to take your weekly tutoring up a notch? 

Book a 1:1 check-in session with your tutor by clicking on the big red button below – this is an added opportunity to discuss any questions or challenges that you may have in a safe and private environment.

Meet your tutors

Riko Ngo – Lead Tutor, weekly tutoring & Check-ins

Riko is a tutor for Methods. He graduated from Keysborough Secondary College Banksia Campus and Skyline Education Foundation Program in 2020. With a goal to become a Cardiologist, He is currently studying Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours at Monash University. With this role in Skyline Hatch, he is passionate about sharing his VCE experiences so that he is able to assist students in their preparations for their final exams.

Anh TranWeekly tutoring

Anh is a methods tutor who graduated from Keysborough Secondary College in 2021. He excelled in all levels of VCE maths: further, methods and specialist maths. Currently, he is a first year student studying Computer Science at RMIT University – to further develop his skills and passion for maths and technology. Through Hatch, he hopes to teach and guide students to tackle VCE more effectively.

Watch the video below to find out all you need to know about your class!

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