Mathematical Methods 3/4 Weekly Tutoring 2022, Wednesday 6:15pm

Saskia Bortolussi · February 3, 2022

Welcome to Skyline Hatch Mathematical Methods 3/4 Weekly Tutoring!

Weekly Tutoring builds on your existing knowledge, and the content you go through at school, to enhance your abilities and prepare you for the ultimate goal – acing your VCE exams! 

This is a weekly SMALL GROUP tutoring session and requires your commitment to show up each week for you and your peers. When you bring your enthusiasm each week it brings the session to life and makes learning fun. We really do need you!

From time to time we give access to practice exams and homework questions so that you can show yourself how far you have come, and know what additional study you may need to do AND in what areas that study should take place.

Want to take your weekly tutoring up a notch? 

Book a 1:1 check-in session with your tutor by clicking on the big red button below – this is an added opportunity to discuss any questions or challenges that you may have in a safe and private environment.

Meet your tutor

Saskia BortolussiWeekly tutoring & Check-ins

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Saskia is a Maths Methods Tutor for Skyline. She graduated from year 12 in 2020 and she is currently studying Science/Engineering at Monash University. She is passionate about helping students improve their confidence and understanding of methods content in order to achieve their best in the subject! 

Outside of Uni and Skyline, Saskia loves to play sport including basketball and netball which she plays both with her old school friends and Monash. She also loves going camping and travelling with her family and family friends. 

Scroll below to have a look at the weekly content framework, resources and past class resources.

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