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Andrew · November 23, 2020

Please use the resources on this page to discover more about your child as well as support them

“It takes a village to raise a child” is a favourite Skyline quote. 

The more we all care about  the children, the more likely they will survive, and succeed in an everchanging world.

To any parent, each of our children is special. And to be the parent of a child who has exceptional potential, demonstrated academic ability or leadership aspirations is uniquely special.

But it can also be an added layer of challenge, as you support your children through school towards a career and opportunities in life that are commensurate with their ability.

There are no magic answers on how to raise gifted and talented young people but there is a lot of research on how to keep students motivated, supported and learning.

Perhaps the most important message we can give our children is that learning is a lifelong process, and that their abilities can continue to grow if they work hard and lean into the struggle of learning something new and difficult.

Staying in the safety zone of “coasting” through school without challenge will not help them to see their potential nor strive to achieve it.

One successful Skyline graduate talks about hanging out with friends who played computer games a lot. He didn’t put in any effort at school because he found school easy and there did not seem to be a point to working hard. Once he joined Skyline with a peer group who relished the challenge, loved learning and had big dreams for their future, he began to try much harder. And when the possibilities for his future started to become clearer, he excelled.

Carole Dweck calls this learning “growth mindset”. She says that the best way to encourage this growth mindset is to praise your children for their perseverance and focus, rather than their intelligence. In this way they will understand that their abilities can grow if they work hard.

This is the essence of Skyline.

We have selected some resources for our parents that describe what this all means. We hope you find this helpful. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us at Skyline and we will assist where we can.

Developing a Growth Mindset – Carole Dweck
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