Skyline Hatch UBS Exam Revision Series 2021

Asja · October 5, 2021

Skyline and UBS are proud to present the 2021 Exam Revision Series which gives students access to amazing tutors who will share their secrets to how they achieved incredible ATAR results!

About this Exam Revision Series

Skyline is thrilled to build on its relationship with UBS, as their support enables us to create an Exam Revision Series for the benefit of our students in year 12, and those in year 11, studying advanced units 3 & 4 subjects. We have been able to utilise multi-talented Skyline alumni, and learned friends to deliver the sessions, along with a number of engaged UBS staff who will be available during the sessions.

Thanks also to UBS’s generosity, we are able to extend the benefit our students receive, to include students who attend our partner government schools. Our partner schools endeavor to support and educate a high percentage of students who would welcome this opportunity to get ahead, and prepare for a brighter future.

Skyline continues to celebrate this partnership with UBS, a leading investment bank and asset manager in ANZ, which has in the past included hosting Masterclasses, our Annual Reception, Alumni gatherings, and providing much needed IT equipment.

About Skyline

Our passion for helping specific young people originates from our founder, the late John S Cheetham, an educational psychologist, who understood the power of education to change the life of a child – in particular, a student with the intellectual ability to make a major contribution to the world, but little or no ability to change the circumstances of their background.

This year, more than at any other period in the organisation’s history, particularly since the COVID-19 lockdown period compounded issues, we have looked at how we could extend our services so that Skyline students, and also now students from our partner schools, would not fall behind VCE counterparts elsewhere in the education system.

Welcome everyone!

A Word From UBS

As a core part of our Community Affairs program, and in line with our global policy, we focus our contributions on education and entrepreneurship initiatives.
Skyline’s work is evidence based, enabling students to realise significant life benefits in their education and career pathways, skills development and self-awareness.

Given the current environment and the challenges students face, the need for support is even greater this year. We are delighted to work closely with Skyline, supporting the Exam Revision Series whilst offering our staff to provide much needed directed support over and above straight financial contributions. Offering a “hand up” not a “hand out” is core to our philosophy.

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