VCE Methods 3/4 – Functions, Graphs, and Calculus Masterclass, Wed 14 Apr 10am-12pm

Gypsy Akhyar · March 25, 2021

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This masterclass will cover the topics students usually cover in their first Methods SAC – Functions, Graphs, and Calculus. In the class, I will run through a practice SAC we’ve written – showing you first hand how to approach the dreaded application task. Since every school is different, unfortunately I won’t be able to cover everything, but you can look forward to:

  • Power functions
  • Exponential functions
  • Circular functions
  • Transformations including dilation, reflections, and translations
  • Hybrid functions
  • Average rates of change
  • Equations of tangents to graphs
  • Derivatives of simple functions
  • Chain, quotient, and product rule
  • Integrals (including definite!)
  • Areas under curves
  • and much more!

You will come away with a really great set of solutions on some really tricky questions and hopefully a bit of confidence that you’ll kill the SAC 🙂

Note: I won’t be going through super specific CAS-related stuff like syntax, defining functions, etc. This is something I expect you to know/ask your teacher about/google during or after the lesson.

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