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Join our inspiring team to, not only review subject content, but get exam tips and tricks that maybe you haven't heard from your teacher at school!

We run the VCE Exam Revision Series every year so that Students, just like you can...

Feel more moments of peace as you prep for your end of year exams!

Clarify what you need to know AND what you need to still work on!

Feel like you can see the light at the end of the VCE tunnel!

We pretty much want to leave you feeling more empowered, more confident and less stressed. That is our simple goal for running these session for you!

So what is the Skyline Hatch VCE Exam Revision Series?

It is a week long event from September 25 – 28, 2023 where the Hatch Team will present online sessions via Zoom to review the study design of 12+ popular VCE subjects.  

All you need to do is sign up, check your email for login details and a welcome note and you will be able to access the membership area via the web or app.  

From there you can register for as many sessions as you like.  It is that easy.

These sessions will be perfect for you if...

…you think you you are already way way WAY too far behind to even try and get ahead

It was really good and definitely worth it! All your questions get answered, the content is really useful and gets you prepped for your exams instead of procrastinating and the lecturers are super nice 🙂
Exam Revision 2022
English Session Attendee

you think you actually know everything and are coasting into exams free and clear

The session helped me build confidence by refreshing my mind of the content that I may have forgotten, and giving useful tips, tricks and solutions into answering exam questions and studying effectively and efficiently.
Exam Revision 2022
English Session Attendee

…you want some support and guidance getting on track with revision and don’t want to do it alone

The interactivity and discussion within the session was great as it allowed us to help clear up each others' issues and overall improved the session.
Exam Revision 2022
English Session Attendee

Because in each and every session we will:

  • Cover the essentials of the study design with loads of tips on how to approach specific parts of the exams.
  • Present a range of high scoring examples and practice questions of varying difficulty.  
  • Create a super supportive environment led by recent VCE graduates with lots other VCE Students.
  • Have time for you to ask questions of the presenting team, and learn from other students in the process.

Exam Revision Series and the VCE Student is a better match than a maccas frozen coke on a hot summer day, or even netflix with a snack (well, maybe). So what are you waiting for?

A Skyline Hatch and the Exam Revision Series

The Skyline Hatch VCE Exam Revision Series will be running from September 25 to 28.  Skyline Hatch is welcoming registrations from individual students as well as cohorts nominated by Schools on behalf of their Students.  For the current timetable and to register please head to or reach out to [email protected] 

Skyline Hatch is a social enterprise initiative of Skyline Education Foundation Australia that exists to reduce educational inequity by providing VCE students navigating economic and social adversity access to high quality educational resources.