Updated for new format in 2022.

This Masterclass is designed to minimise the uncertainty surrounding the GAT and to provide you with solid tips and tricks for success –  in this Masterclass you will find all the information you need in one place, delivered by past students who aced the General Achievement Test (GAT).  

The format of this Masterclass reflects the new changes announced for the 2022 GAT.

Our two-hour session is focused on making sure you walk away knowing what to expect during the GAT and how to best approach it. 

No further dates for 2022.

You will walk away knowing…

What the GAT actually involves and why it is important!

How to approach Section A and Section B of the new GAT format. 

The key strategies you need for success in the Multiple Choice Questions section. 

Why does this matter and how will it help you?

ONE: By eliminating uncertainty surrounding the GAT, we make room for you to perform better on the day 

TWO: Walk into the exam with a plan for tackling each section of the GAT

THREE: Working through sample multiple choice questions with experienced tutors helps you to be familiar – being familiar helps you feel more confident!

FOUR: Asking ANY questions that you have and getting answers from our Team means you don’t have any queries left unanswered, contributing to stress.

FIVE: Learning strategies that will not only prepare you for the GAT, but improve your overall literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, reading and problem-solving skills give you the tools to ace the GAT.

What have past Students had to say about the GAT Masterclass?

“Before the masterclass I knew GAT was important, but I didn't have an I idea of how to answer the questions or attempt to, but the tutors did an amazing job explaining how to go about the GAT."