How VCE Hack Masterclass Helps YOU throughout the year!​

Studying is inevitable. If you’re transitioning into VCE, you will soon realise that studying will be an assumed skill and habit. Teachers will expect you to study and be organised to help you revise for your end of year exams, yet schools lack the advice and guidance to help you form a beneficial study habit.
This can leave you feeling overwhelmed, like you missed the boat or that you will never learn the skill now because it is too late.  Yikes.

 Let us show you how we can help you do the ‘impossible’ by exploring our ways that learning about studying can actually help boost your confidence and maximise your results.

Exploring HOW to study can help you to…

ONE: Learn how to understand new concepts in a timely manner.

VCE is a very fast-paced academic environment where SACs and taught concepts are only  limited days between each other. The time out of class is important due to the tight schedules of teachers to present all of the content within the timetabled session.

In VCE Hack, we help you to construct a planner that works for you to help aid your revision before your final SAC. This is the kind of schedule that can help you prioritise all of the future assessments that you will have to study for!

TWO: Admit that studying isn’t a seasonal activity.

To thrive in VCE, consistency matters. Similarly to how studying shouldn’t be treated as a one-off occasion, the only way to remember information is if you continuously review the material.  In VCE Hack we cover the methods of studying to support you to  remain consistent – this can include completing questions on a topic you previously covered in class, regularly analysing concept maps, continuing to look over Unit 1 and 3 material in the second semester.   

After the VCE Hack masterclass you will be prepared to tackle study and revision early, rather than leaving revision till the last minute and cramming – it is counterproductive to cram given you aren’t able to review large amounts of information and remember within a day, or a week! 

We know you know.

THREE: Realise that consistency matters BEFORE exam time!

We can make the mistake of  treating studying as something only to do during the summer holidays or semester break. This is where the tutors at Skyline Hatch have seen most VCE students fall short. Unfortunately, VCE isn’t going to feel that great and we are likely to feel stressed if studying is left until the end of the year within the exam period. Studying is a vital “all-year-round” kind of habit to help bolster yourself into a study period so that you are really confident with no worries!  Pro tip? Find time to study a fortnight or longer before your SAC date

FOUR: Lean on the insights from recent high achievers in the VCE to help your journey.

In essence, students who have performed well will have the VCE knowledge to be resourceful, give the best tips and hacks that helped them achieve their success. 

Holly, one our much loved Tutors, reflected on her VCE journey and said “I wish I had not underestimated the power of a solid plan. When my study routine became sporadic during lockdown, I later discovered how much the study plan can help clear the mind.”

Our team, full of humans just like Holly, understands the struggles of time management and studying as they have experienced it first-hand with how assessments and exams work. When a tutor attains high marks it demonstrates a greater understanding of VCE as a whole and how their methods of studying are very efficient – clearly, what they did worked! 

Join us for the VCE Hack – Study Skills Masterclass to help perfect your study habits on April 4 at 5pm.

Ultimately, this will set you up for success in future learning compared to outdated advice from older generations – so know that our Team delivering VCE Hacks are the right people to help you learn how to tackle VCE!  All in all, no matter which way you cut it, studying is vital in all domains and a lack of awareness on how to do it effectively will limit your academic potential. This obviously isn’t ideal and if you are still reading this we can guess that it is not what you want! 

We invite you to take the initiative to see how studying can be mastered and how you can smash out your next SAC, but when you take that initiative we will cheer you on every step of the way!

We know how important SACs are and how stressful they can be – that’s why we’ve created the SAC preparation Masterclass series.