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11th October – Exam 2: Multiple choice Copy

Sally November 17, 2021

This week we will be doing revision again. I was thinking we could go over the multiple choice section of Exam 2 this week and then spend at least the next two weeks on Extended Response.

Agian I want it to be as useful for you guys as possible so if you have any particular questions you want to go over from practice exams you have been doing email them to be and I will try my best to include them in our next tutoring session! Also if you have any specific areas you want to cover or any suggestions let me know in class or via email.

My email is: saskia@skyline.org.au **Edit: Actually my skyline email is currenly not working so please send any quesitons to my gmail: saskiabortolussi@gmail.com

Weekly survey link: https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/15Chf2