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Theano June 18, 2021

The Triennial exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria features dozens of works that stretch our understanding of what counts as “art” and what sort of art is exhibited in galleries.

Before our Masterclass explore some of the artworks in the exhibition online to get a taste of the diversity of works. Pick one of the pieces below and complete the tasks by clicking on the images. In the Masterclass you will share your learnings with other Skyliners.

If you can, you are welcome to attend the NGV Triennial exhibition – attendance is free but you do need to book online.

If you have any questions email David – david@skylinefoundation.org.au

Megafauna – Tabor Robak
Using gaming technology Robak imagines a future where biological and mechanical life has merged

Boudoir Babylon – Adam Furman And Sibling
The NGV cafe has been transformed into a space intended to celebrate diverse identities and ideas

Extinctions – Carnovsky
Clever lighting effects on wallpaper are used to draw attention to species extinction

Narcissus – Angela Tiatia
This video uses Greek myth to comment on the impact of social media and smartphones on the self

Biole, Carson, Dasha, Marisa – Tomoaki Suzuki
A large room at the exhibition is dedicated to 9 small sculptures based on real people

Natural History – Fallen Fruit
The beautiful wallpaper provides a commentary on colonialism and the Australian landscape