SAC Masterclass Program for  2022 is now complete.

Masterclasses will be available for purchase in August 2022.

We know how important SACs are and how stressful they can be – that’s why we’ve created the SAC preparation Masterclass series.

These are a brilliant complement to classroom learning and will equip students with tried-and-tested tips, tricks and strategies to help maximise SAC marks and achieve VCE success.  If you have already done SAC, don’t worry! This is also great for general revision and study support!

What past Students had to say about the SAC Masterclass Series:

"Having the practice questions and the explanations after were very useful and helped to reinforce and teach understanding of the topic."

"I found the SAC very helpful as it gave me a view of how it will be planned and also the type of questions that will appear"

"The step by step explanations of how to solve the equations were useful to understand what exactly was needed to solve the equation and gain full marks."