Welcome to our Skyline Hatch Community!

We want to welcome you to the Skyline Hatch community for 2022 – as a part of your bundle with Skyline Hatch you have access to workshops and masterclasses to support your VCE journey.  

Skyline Hatch VCE Exam Revision Series 2022

Let us help you prepare for your end of year exams.  We are bringing 12 sessions to life from September 26 to September 30.

We would love to have you there!

Each interactive online session involves a
succinct summary of the year’s content alongside interactive practice exam questions, high-scoring sample responses, and proven exam strategies. Presented by high-achieving tutors who are recent VCE graduates, our sessions are the perfect way to boost students’ exam revision. 

Winter Masterclasses and Workshops

Stress Hack Interactive Workshop presented by Leah Davidson

Stress Hack is a science-backed personal development session to help young people understand, manage and overcome the often debilitating feelings of stress while working under pressure.  In this ninety minute session Leah will teach you why we feel anxious and how to interrupt that feeling before it spirals into full blown panic where we blank out, forget what we know and feel terrible. 


Thursday September 1, 2022 (5pm-7pm). Register here.

GAT Preparation Masterclass Recording  

This Masterclass is designed to minimise the uncertainty surrounding the GAT and to provide you with solid tips and tricks for success –  in this Masterclass you will find all the information you need in one place, delivered by past students who aced the General Achievement Test (GAT). This two-hour session is focused on making sure you walk away knowing what to expect during the GAT and how to best approach it. 

What is the GAT Masterclass?

Watch the recording!

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VCE Hack Study Skills Masterclass  

Unlike other tutoring companies that can be very prescriptive in providing VCE tips, we believe in guiding YOU to find the study framework that is as individual as you are.  What sets Skyline Hatch apart is our delivery team of high-achieving past students  who offer a broad range of strategies and tools to help students achieve their dream ATAR in the way that suits them best.

Access the recording, q+a panel and supporting resource guide by clicking the button.

SAC Preparation Masterclass Series (June recordings)

We know how important SACs are and how stressful they can be – that’s why we’ve created the SAC preparation Masterclass series These are a brilliant complement to classroom learning and will equip you with tried-and-tested tips, tricks and strategies to help maximise SAC marks and achieve VCE success.  If you have already done your SAC, don’t worry!  These sessions are also great for general revision and study support! 

You can find the recordings for all sessions in one place on our website – head there now!

What Masterclasses will you find there?

  • Chemistry 34 – Organic Chemistry
  • Chemistry 34 – Food Chemistry
  • Specialist 34 – Derivatives and Integration
  • Further 34 – Matrices
  • Math Methods 34 – Probability and Statistics
  • English 34 – Comparative Text Analysis
  • English 34 – Persuasive Speech
  • EAL 34 – Oral Presentation and Listening

Head to our website to access ALL of these classes now! 

(PSST…the additional resources for each session are available for you on this page as well).