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Belonging for youth

Ashleigh D'Souza November 19, 2021
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Belonging for youth – Refugee backgrounds

How can subjective social status, perceived discrimination, and bullying affect how socially included the youth with refugee backgrounds feel?

What is the refugee youth at risk of developing in response to demands of resettlement?

What factors in the host community predict wellbeing among this group of youth?

What plays a key role in determining wellbeing outcomes among refugee youths?


Ignacio and Gifford

Sandra and Barnett

Adrian G.

ACADEMIC ARTICLE: Longing to belong – Social inclusion and wellbeing among youth with refugee backgrounds in the first three years in Melbourne, Australia Motivation

Read about a study conducted on refugee youths in Melbourne and how the subjective social status in the broader Australian community, perceived discrimination and bullying can affect their wellbeing.