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Ashleigh D'Souza November 19, 2021
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Health benefits and applications of meditation

What are the mechanisms behind the benefits of mindfulness?

What is the importance of attention and the cost of inattention?

What are the applications of mindfulness in different areas: mental health, neuroscience, clinical, improved performance, spiritual

Dr Craig Hassed

This introductory article by Dr Craig Hassed MBBS explains the mechanisms behind our “wandering minds” and how mindfulness can improve our functioning in many different aspects of our lives, such as academic performance, mental health and ageing. Want to try out mindfulness exercises? Read this article to find out how!

FACT SHEET: The Health Benefits of Meditation and being Mindful

Unwind with Meditation and Relaxation – Meditation and its strategies and benefits

What is meditation?

What are the practical strategies of meditation?

What are some obstacles to meditation?

University of New England

This fact sheet from the University of New England provides some key points to keep in mind when meditating, which they conceptualise as the “practice of uncritically and non-judgmentally attempting to focus your attention on one ‘thing’ at a time and gently letting go of distractions as they inevitably come into your mind”.

Happy not Perfect: Meditation – Simple exercises to increase boost how we feel in our everyday lives

This is an App you can download from the app store, below is a description of the features you can access

  • Play the Daily Happiness Workout to stay balanced, stress less and sleep better
  • Select your mood and complete a full interactive mind workout
  • Learn to breath right and calm your nervous system instantly
  • Release worries and let go of negative thoughts
  • Practice a positive mindset and boost your mood
  • Meditate in a fun way with our guided, easy-listening sessions