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Ashleigh D'Souza November 19, 2021
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Mindfulness and Meditation Practice – Mindfulness and wellbeing of working adults  

What are the benefits of mindfulness across the lifespan?

What is mindfulness?

Lolly Daskal – Executive leadership and management experts

ACADEMIC ARTICLE: Mindfulness and Meditation Practice as Moderators of the Relationship between Age and Subjective Wellbeing among Working Adults

Learn about whether mindfulness can moderate the relationship between an aging workforce and several indicators of subjective wellbeing and whether meditation can be a way of cultivating mindfulness

Basic concept of mindfulness

What’s mindfulness?

What are the benefits?

Why should educators practice mindfulness?

Be You, Beyond Blue  

FACT SHEET: What’s Mindfulness?

Mindfulness – Be You

Learn what it means to be mindful and how this be beneficial in reducing stress and coping in tough times

Meditation Mindfulness in everyday life – Mindfulness techniques to practice

What is mindfulness?

Examples of mindfulness techniques

Black Dog Institute

According to Black Dog Institute, mindfulness is “a form of self-awareness training adapted from Buddhist mindfulness meditation… and for use in treatment of depression, especially preventing relapse and for assisting with mood regulation”. Learn about 5 quick, everyday examples of mindfulness techniques, such as associated breathing exercise, and how they can help you!