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Personal branding, networking and elevator pitch

Ashleigh D'Souza August 24, 2021
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Personal branding, networking and creating and effective elevator pitch

Questions asked in this video

  1. What is personal brand and why is it so important? 
  2. How do we build a personal brand?
  3. I don’t know what my personal brand is! How can I work this out? 
  4. What are your top tips for positive first impressions? 
  5. What is an elevator pitch? 
  6. When can an elevator pitch be used? 
  7. What is a basic elevator pitch structure? 
  8. What are your top tips for elevator pitches? 
  9. How do we maintain relationships and build networks? 
  10. How do we manage networks and our personal brand on LinkedIn?  
  11. How do we manage our personal brand on video conferences and video interviews?