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Women in Leadership

Ashleigh D'Souza November 17, 2021
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Women reaching executive positions

Why are there so few women leaders?

Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook COO

Sheryl Sandberg highlights that a much smaller percentage of women reach executive positions, compared to men and continues to share 3 insightful pieces of advice to women aiming for these positions.

MEMORABLE QUOTE: “Women systematically underestimate their own abilities. Women do not negotiate for themselves in the workforce…Women attribute their own success to other external factors.”

Women leading social change

How can women take leadership positions?

H.E Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – Nobel laureate and first former woman president of Liberia

She discusses why gender equality is essential for peace and prosperity by telling the story of how Liberian women helped rebuild their country damaged by years of civil war.

In her TED talk, she inspires women to take leadership positions and how others should motivate them to catalyse social change

MEMORABLE QUOTE: “Women had been those who suffered the most in our civil conflict, and women had been the ones to resolve it. Out history records women of strength and action”

How the government can promote women in leadership to advance gender equity

Why and how the local governments should support and promote women’s leadership.

MAV: Municipal association of Victoria

In Australia, women make up 45% of the workforce, yet are severely under-represented in positions of senior leadership and management. Learn about why and how local governments can promote women’s leadership and advance gender equity.