Skyline Hatch VCE Exam Revision Series


It has been a big year, and it is not over yet!

We have something to help you through the exam period, and it kicks off in the September School Holidays.

The VCE Exam Revision Series is designed to help Students, like you, walk into end of year exams with confidence.

Our program is led by high-achieving tutors who are recent VCE graduates, and each session will provide all the exam information that Students need, including exam strategies, practice questions and more.

You will have the choice to attend one or more sessions from many of the most popular Unit 3/4 subjects.

Our full Program Schedule is live and
taking registrations!

Each interactive online session involves a succinct summary of the year’s content alongside interactive practice exam questions, high-scoring sample responses, and proven exam strategies. Presented by high-achieving tutors who are recent VCE graduates, our sessions are the perfect way to boost students’ exam revision. 

What can you expect in each session?

Revision of all relevant content from the Unit 3/4 VCAA study design.

Proven exam strategies that are tried and tested.

Interactive practice questions and worked examples.

Worked through high-scoring sample responses.

Open Q&A discussion with our experienced tutors.

What did Students think of last year's event?

About Skyline Hatch

Skyline Foundation’s social enterprise, Hatch, leverages over 15 years’ proven track record in delivering academic and wellbeing support to optimise outcomes for VCE students.

Skyline Hatch services include Exam Revision, SAC/GAT masterclasses, tutoring, personal development and mindset programs that support Schools and Teachers to deliver more academic supports for their StudentsOur Team includes extraordinary Skyline Alumni and leading wellbeing educators.

All Hatch profits are returned to Skyline Education Foundation Australia to fund more Students to join Skyline’s unique two-year VCE Program. Find out more here.

A word from UBS

As the key drivers of our Community Impact program, and in line with our global strategy, we are dedicated to supporting initiatives within the themes of education and skills.

Given the increasing challenges students are facing in today’s environment, the need for support remains significant. UBS is delighted to work closely with Skyline by supporting the Exam Revision Series, in addition to having our staff participate in rewarding volunteering opportunities.

Offering a “hand up” not a “hand out” to address wealth inequality is core to our philosophy.

The vision of the Skyline Education Foundation is for VCE students, who have high ability or are gifted and/or academically talented become resilient leaders in the face of social and economic adversity. The mission is to empower VCE students to thrive through education and personal growth in a caring community.  Click here to find out more about the Foundation.