VCES Partnership

We have an exciting opportunity for high ability VCE students in Years 10-12!

In partnership with the Victorian Government as a part of the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series, Skyline Hatch has fully subsidised positions for students to access our VCE Hack Study Skills offering.

What is VCE Hack?

VCE Hack is a program delivered through virtual masterclasses and a recorded online short course. It is designed to help students discover actionable study tips and tricks from our team of presenters, who are high-achieving VCE graduates.

What can you expect from VCE Hack?

Our presenters have been through the VCE experience, understand the challenges that are faced along the way, and share proven strategies to help boost confidence along the VCE journey!

This program covers a range of topics including: 

  • Debunking Study Myths,
  • Time Management & Scheduling,
  • Effective Study Habits,
  • Exam & Subject Specific Study Hacks
  • Wellbeing 

Plus interactive activities and opportunities for Q&A with our inspiring and relatable presenting team!

Here’s what students say about vCE Hack…